1.) What is the torque spec range for the barrel nut?
A.) Approximately 35-80 ft lbs

2.) What is the best way to get an accurate torque reading?
A.) Using a crows foot 1-1/4 wrench head on a torque wrench

3.) Will your free floating handguards be compatible with my Adams Arms piston kit.
A.) No. The operating rod spring does not clear our proprietary barrel nut.

4.) What is the thread pitch of your handguards?
A.) 10/32

5.) What is the wrench size for the barrel nut?
A.) 1 1/4 inch standard wrench

6.) What is the inside diameter of the VRS-T?
A.) It is approximately 1.36 inches

7.) What is the overall length of the VRS-T handguard line?
A.) The rails are measured at the top picatinny length and extend approximately 1.5 inches on the bottom.

8.) Will my handguard be compatible with my billet upper receiver?
A.) Yes. However the indexing tabs will need to be removed for a flush fit on some uppers.

9.) What is the largest barrel that I can use with your handguard?
A.) The inside diameter of the barrel nut is 1.00. So any barrel under 1.00 diameter would be optimal.

10.) When do I need a gas block front sight?
A.) You need a gas block front sight when the gas block picatinny height sit lower than receiver height. The front sight compensates with a taller base so that both front and rear sights are level with each other.

11.) What rifles are the Micro-D Integrated Sighting Systems for?
A.) The Micro-D's are for rifles with raised rail platforms such as Patriot Ordinance Factory (P.O.F.), or the HK style rifles. The housings are shorter to compensate for the raised rail height in order to give you a wide range of zeroing capabilities. You can get as close as 25 yards.

12.) What type of front post do your aluminum sights take?
A.) They take a standard A2 post which can be swapped out with with aftermarket A2 front sight post options.

13.) Do you export your products?
A.) You will have to contact Elite Defense at www.elitedefense.com to place an order. They will ship our products to you internationally.